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29 Great Ideas With Glass Shelving


1 - Our glass shelves come in a variety of widths and lengths.

2 - Glass Shelves are space savers.

3 - Glass shelves brighten up a room. The sunlight shines right through the glass shelf adding sunshine to your room. What a beautiful way to display your collectibles. Glass Shelves can be used in any room in your house. Glass shelves can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, or in an office. Glass shelves are elegant, yet functional. Glass shelves are not heavy and clunky looking.

4 - Glass shelves work beautiful in a bar area. Glass shelves are a practical way to display your beautiful wine bottles.

5 - Glass shelves can accommodate so many beautiful shelf brackets. Our Brackets are available in chrome, brushed steel, brass, black, and white. Our beautiful brackets compliment our glass shelves.

6 - You can create so many different wall designs with glass shelves. You can mix and match the sizes.

7 - Glass Shelves are great for organizing. You can even use glass shelves in your closet to display sweaters, tops, shoes, etc.

8 - Glass shelves accommodate a large weight capacity.

9 - Glass Corner shelves are so perfect because they utilize space that normally would not be used. Corners are great areas to display your collectibles.

10 - How creative to put a glass shelf with plants on it right in front of a window.

11 - You can redefine a room with glass shelving.

12 - Glass shelving creates a focal point in a room.

13 - Glass shelves are so easy to clean. Just wipe with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

14 - Glass shelving can be used in a retail environment. Glass shelves are perfect for displaying items for sale in your store. Glass shelves are great to display shoes, pocketbooks, perfumes, jewelry, bath items, house wares items such as crystal glasses, mugs, plates, etc.

15 - Glass shelves are great in the bathroom to keep items close by.

16 - Glass shelves will add sparkle and charm to your bathroom. Glass shelves are an attractive way to display personal items in the bathroom.

17 - Our glass shelves are perfect in a bar area. Display wine bottles and such on our glass shelves.

18 - Glass shelves work with any décor. Glass shelves work beautifully in rooms that are traditional, modern, contemporary, etc.

19 - Glass shelves are timeless. Glass shelves never go out of style. You can change the décor of your room but your glass shelves will always be in style.

20 - The designs that you can create with floating glass Shelves are infinite! All you need is your imagination.

21 - Glass shelves really open up a room. Glass shelves are light and airy looking. You can store and display items without the clunky look of wood or metal.

22 - Glass shelves look so beautiful above a sofa or console. What an easy way to create a wall of interest.

23 - Glass shelves can show off your prized possessions. What an elegant way to display your crystal.

24 - Glass shelves are simple yet beautiful in design.

25 - Glass shelves work beautifully under a mirror. Glass shelves are great for an entranceway.

26 - Glass shelves can accommodate cable boxes adding convenience and beauty to an entertainment center.

27 - Glass shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The possibilities are endless.

28 - Glass shelves are free-floating and unobtrusive. Glass shelves make a room look larger. Glass shelves can be arranged in varying ways to accommodate your needs.

29 - You can create many wall designs with our glass shelves. Glass shelves are a classy solution to your shelving needs.