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Where To Buy Glass Shelves?

Glass Shelves Direct – Offering wholesale glass shelving and shelf options to the public with hundreds of combinations of length, depth, brackets, cables, and styles at discount sale prices.


Glass shelves give you a way to store and display like you never could before. And Glass Shelves Direct glass shelves provide so many ways to do it in style, with a complete range of sizes and designs to fit your space and your storage needs. So forget the warehouse look of old fashioned wood or metal shelves and their unsightly brackets. Glass Shelves Direct glass shelves have a light, airy, clean look that fits right in with virtually any décor. They show off your special treasures simply and elegantly, creating endless decorating possibilities.


Glass shelves direct glass shelves feature 3/8" thick, tempered, highly polished glass, brilliantly polished edges and "Touch corners" – not sharp, unfinished edges. Available in 4 ¾", 6", 8", 10", and 12" depths, Glass Shelves Direct glass shelves are individually cartoned with Styrofoam protection. And each glass shelf includes your choice of Glass Shelves Directs coordinating glass shelf brackets at no extra charge.


These glass shelf brackets are specially designed to complement you décor while providing exceptional support – from 40 up to 80lbs. They don't require templates, or cutting into or gluing onto the wall so you won't ruin your walls if you decide to reposition the glass shelves or take them with you when you move.


With Glass Shelves Direct glass shelves, it's easy to turn the wasted space of an empty corner into a place to organize your books and papers…. To turn an unused alcove into a showcase for your sports memorabilia… or to transform a blank wall behind a sofa or dining table into an eye-catching display of your favorite collectibles. And for an even more dramatic look, consider out bent glass shelves, frosted glass shelves or tinted glass shelves. But you won't have to pay more for Glass Shelves Direct quality glass shelves – they're value priced to fit your decorating needs and budget. What's more, all sizes and styles of glass shelves and glass shelf brackets are available in stock and ready for immediate delivery.