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Tempered Glass Shelf - A Durable Choice

With the advent of floating glass shelves, the use of their wooden counterparts have taken a backseat, and the former is steadily scaling up the charts of popularity as a highly functional, aesthetic and durable choice over the latter. Yes, the advantage of durability that wooden shelves once used to enjoy above glass shelves are fading away now due to the fact that the glass used in modern day glass shelves are mostly tempered and are as durable a choice as the wooden ones. A tempered glass shelf is shatter-resistant, stylish and toughened to the highest limits.


Size and Shape

glass shelf, durable and tough as it is, can hold considerable weight and can be used to display several varieties of decorative items. They are also available in a variety of shapes/sizes in thick clear/ shaded glass, with polished edges and steel/chrome/brass finish. They can be used as wall units to act like book racks/entertainment system holders or display units to exhibit beautiful and valuable decorative and treasure items.


High durability of a tempered glass shelf makes it a preferable choice for a varied range of purposes.


Tempered Glass Shelf and Safety

Tempered glass is a favored choice in the range of safety glasses and is used for intentions where the use of standard glass could create risks. Tempered glass is 4 x stronger than the latter and does not shatter to pieces even if it breaks under extreme circumstances. The broken pieces are usually rounded cut ups, with no sharp shards and hence pose a reduced risk of injury. Manufactured under stringent quality control through rapid heating and cooling, tempered glass is much, much harder than its normal counterpart.


Tempered glass, due to its durable properties, is also often referred to as strengthened or toughened glass. A glass shelf made of tempered glass therefore means safety and durability.


Tempered Glass Shelf - Durability and Quality

Since tempered glass shelves meet the highest safety standards, they can be used as floating/hanging glass shelves in homes/offices/retail outlets. They can be fixed along the walls for displaying decorative items, placed as glass fixtures in designated corners and also used in cube glass displays in commercial/retail areas.


Look for polished and rounded edges on the shelves when you buy them. Use the manufacture’s guidelines for a safe and secure installation of your tempered glass shelf.